"Melting Ice ~ Shifting Sand is a love story.  Written in two voices, it is the story of finding meaning and balance and finding a way back to each other in a constantly shifting world. It should be required reading for everyone who is caring for, living with, and loving someone who has dementia. Marge and Donald’s story is both brave and inspiring."

—MARTHA MCLOUGHLIN, Program Director, Homestead (Memory Care), Granite Ledges of Concord 

"Woven through with poetic images and illuminated by heartbreakingly comic stories of everyday life on the Alzheimer’s journey, this blended narrative provides a rare glimpse into the minds and hearts of both an Alzheimer’s patient and his caregiver as this husband and wife team navigate plaque-filled pathways toward an unknown future.  Offering both hard-earned wisdom and grace-filled acceptance, Marge and Donald teach us how to walk this labyrinth, which leads inevitably toward a center filled with both death and the promise of resurrection."

SHIRIN MCARTHUR, Executive Editor, Communication Clarified

"Pilgrimage on Ice and Sand is the continuing journey of a couple through Alzheimer's disease. The author wrote her first book, Melting Ice - Shifting Sand, in alternating chapters with her ailing husband. Now that his disease has progressed, she writes in a single voice, while continuing to include his experience as much as she can. This is a spiritual memoir, both candid and uplifting, a map for others in this heartbreaking situation. Pilgrimage is a powerful, beautiful love story that is not to be missed."

DIANNE HATHAWAY, Director, Goffstown Public Library, Goffstown, NH

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