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"A unique contribution to the literature on living with Alzheimer's." 

Rev. John McCausland, Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Weare, NH

Melting Ice - Shifting Sand is a heartfelt and poignant story of the Alzheimer's disease journey Donald and Marjorie Burke have been on. Told in both voices, in prose and verse, Donald talks about what it is like to stand on melting ice and Marjorie, as his caregiver, shares her experience of standing on shifting sand. Three important hallmarks of their journey are woven throughout the book, their faith in God, their love for each other and their family and friends, who provided love and support. Their story is one of joy, sorrow, laughter and tears.

Pilgrimage on Ice and Sand is the continuing story of Marjorie and Donald Burke's journey with Alzheimer's. Marjorie writes about the decision to move Donald to a long-term memory-care facility after having cared for him at home for six years and about their changed life after his move. There are moments of joy, sorrow, faith, laughter, and tears, all showing the strong bond of love that unites them, still together though apart.

Beyond Ice and Sand: The Conclusion of Our Story with Alzheimer's completes the trilogy of a ten year Alzheimer’s journey caregiving and grieving. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease for the care recipient, caregiver, and the entire family, as it takes its toll on everyone.  The writer chronicles the last year of her husband’s life that was still filled with love, laughter, and meaningful visits. After his death, she goes on to share the path forward, learning how to grieve and live fully again.
In When Will Someday Come, the author reflects on caregiving, grieving and living again.  She recounts her emotional and spiritual experience of the deep grief she experienced after the death of her beloved husband, Donald, as she found a new path forward in the land of widowhood. The poems are full of tears, music, joy, sadness, light and faith.
Claiming Me is a heartwarming, humorous, intimate account of a life well-lived. Filled with poetry and intimate vignettes, this book chronicles a collection of memories from the author’s early childhood to the present time. Marge Burke’s recounting are poignant, deeply spiritual, and filled with wisdom collected over the span of nine decades. What a gift Marge gives her readers as she shares her life story and the special lessons she learned along the way.
Coming soon! This collection of poetry is a series of meditations on the fourteen stages of the Cross, from trial to crucifixion.
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